Marla Bendini

Handsome: IVSG presents 10 male artists exploring various representations of gender and masculinity in a group exhibition curated by Marla Bendini. The exhibition is inspired by the work and legacy of Robert Mapplethorpe and acknowledges the controversy it carries up till today. The featured works aim to show how each artist negotiates the constraints in their work and the strategies they employ.

Some of the Artists & Artworks to be presented are:


Resurrection of the Latissimus Dorsi

interactive single channel video of "L.A Zombie" and wall-mounted chin-up bar
variable dimensions 

Resurrection of the Latissimus Dorsi, by Marla Bendini and Bruce LaBruce is an interactive single channel video installation that responds to the repetition and frequency of the user executing the chin-up. The readings are interpreted into video scrubbing of the film, absence of which it fades away. The user would soon realise that the video will never be viewed in its entirety due to physical exhaustion. The interactivity explores the conventions of art consumption and censorship. It also questions the criminalisation of sex between mutually consenting adult males under the Section 377A of the  Penal Code of Singapore. Section 377 criminalises acts of necrophilia while Section 377B criminalises acts of zoophilia.


printed using Epson's Archival ink on Sihl fine art paper 310gsm
28 x 37" framed

Marcus Mok is an established photographer who creates artful sensual images by formulating relationships between the male body and its environment. In this selection for Handsome: IVSG, Redemption draws on the Hebrew and Egyptian tattoos on well-known Australian aerialist, "The Amazing Ari", and simulates the cleansing of one's self in the river Nile on the coasts of Marouba beach, Sydney. Dunes, an artist's self-portrait in his bedroom, captures the disappearing moments of a desert landscape at sunset. 



Gag Fag

Giclée print on canvas
1 x 1 m

Bryan Ho is a photography student at Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design & Media. He appropriates images and creates digital collages that expresses facets of his personal life as a gay youth in today's world.





Orchid, Hyacinth & Anemone

Digital print
420 x 594 mm each

Faisal Husni is a visual communication student at Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design & Media. In this series, he references the compositions of Robert Mapplethorpe's Orchid (1987), Hyacinth (1987) and Anemone (1989) and creates digital illustrations of myths of Orchis, Apollo, Hyacinth and Adonis.





Portraits of Possibilities

Digital print
50 x 50 cm

Jason Lee is a photographer and visual artist who explores facial profiles and superimposes them on each other to explore beyond the dichotomies on how we view gender.





"maybe just play down the gay bit...?" from the Straight-Acting series

photocopied image, colour marker and pen on paper
210 x 293 mm

Lee Gwoyinn is a self-taught artist who is part of RAP's research-based project on queer culture. Using the portrait of 1950-1960s Hollywood icon, Rock Hudson, he delves into current politics of straight-acting culture as well as MSM (men who have sex with men) but do not identify themselves to be homosexual or bisexual.


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