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Video Documentation

April 21, 2013

Please view video documentation here.
Thank you.

Artistic References and Developments

April 20, 2013
Development of the performance is a continuation from a performance "Intimate Detachments", a collaborated interactive multimedia Butoh performance conceived for a experimental sound performance module last year. In this performance, the butoh performance manipulates the video/sound art playback.


Size 10 fists

digital image, edition of 2
1.2m x 6m

In this image, I was drying out my mouth with a high-powered electrical air pump. ...

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Set-up & Hardware

April 20, 2013
Hardware used:

1 x iSight
1 x ceiling camera
1 x Mixer with speakers
2 x projectors
2 x high-powered fan

Software used:

Screen-recording via Quicktime

Set-up process:

Linking up the computers with the webcam

Setting up sound system and fans

Setting up webcam system

The initial idea was to have 4 visualisations in different combinations.
However, I felt the 2 projections that are much smaller were not working out for me.

Visualisation 2

Also shows the lighting set-up using existing projectors ...
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Testing & Process

April 20, 2013
Channel that detects black moving pixels:

Layered the moving particle channel over the live feed:

It was a nice visual but I felt it could be better.
Perhaps it gave a lightness to the image, but I thought the layers were a little detached.

It finally dawned on me the day before the presentation, that I could simply invert the black-and-white alpha channel and allow the moving particles to be black like my hair instead! The answer was so obvious I was focusing so much on coding I fail to see ...
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Electricity made us angels: Write-up

April 20, 2013

Electricity made us angels
is an exploration into new media performance with the intention to incorporate technology into my existing performance practice in terms of design, process and consumption which cannot be realised otherwise; a virtual performance that potentially deviates from its live input.

In an age of Facebook, iPhone self-portraits and Instagram, I manipulate self-portraiture/performance to explore multiple identities and fluidity in perspective, to bridge the present to what...

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Final Submissions for DM2009 Performance and Interaction

April 19, 2013

NOTICE: Please see below to learn how to work out your logistics

Please submit your final submissions for DM2009 by 21 April 8pm (Singapore time)

Your Post to this page should include your name.

Your website should have the following components:

1) Video of your final project in a performance situation

2) Photos of the process (screenshots, photos of hardware, tests etc…)

3)  500 word write up on your project (this should include; intention, creative and technical development and the outcom...

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